Municipal Leasing

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Governmental Lease/Purchase Programs

Today’s taxpayers demand that municipal leaders hold the line on taxes while insisting that more and better service be provided.

With declining tax revenue and increased operating costs, cities are searching for innovative ways to finance badly needed capital equipment purchases.

Lease/Purchase plans give governmental entities a fast and flexible way to acquire equipment when it’s needed, and at the same time, eliminate the complexity of a bond issue or the time necessary for general voter approval.

Lease/Purchase plans are economical because they offer tax-exempt interest rates while still building equity toward ownership.

All across the country, knowledgeable states, cities, towns and villages are turning to lease/ purchase plans as a viable way to provide much needed services during lean times.


A Lease/ Purchase Plan will allow you to:

» Avoid repercussions of tax increases

» Accumulate equity with each and every installment

» Obtain needed Sandbaggers , Multibaggers at today’s prices, while taking advantage of tax except interest rates

» Avoid large, lump-sum expenditures

» Maximize limited budget funds, as only the current year’s lease payments need be included in the operating budget.

» Avoid the complexity of bond issues

» Gain the cash flow benefits of periodic payments

» Free your capital for operating needs such as construction projects, road maintenance, emergency medical response systems and more

» Realize ownership with a final payment of $ 1.00 at the lease end


Sandbagger can provide a program to meet the needs of your City, County or Township.

It may be possible to set up an annual line of credit to meet budgetary needs of your government agency.

Interest rates will vary with the economy depending on the amount of the purchase, corporate credit rating and term of the loan.

Innovative financing is here today. Take advantage of Sandbagger’s Lease/Purchase today!!

Listed below is an example of how payments may be structured.

These prices do not include shipping costs, but these, too, can be included in the Lease/Purchase program.

Please call for exact figures.

Leasing subject to credit approval and lessee state requirements.

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