The Sandbagger

The Sandbagger Model II with Motorized Auger is an automated sandbag-filling system used to fill four (4) sandbags simultaneously.

It requires four (4) people to fill sandbags and one (1) person to operate the front-end loader to keep the 2 cubic yard hopper full.

This unit is capable of filling at least 1600 bags per hour using unskilled labor.

It is also lightweight and truck-portable. Optional towing package available.

This Sandbagger is equipped with a hydraulic driven bi-directional auger and agitator to keep wet materials flowing.

This machine comes with a sandbag filling machine to include four stations, a safety grid, a safety shield, auger and agitator, gas engine and hydraulic motor.

The Sandbagger Model II can bag 1600 bags per hour effectively and inexpensively.

Made in the USA.

See it in action